End the assault on
our public lands.


What is OPIpro?

The Outdoor Political Impact Project (OPIpro) is a not-for-profit, political action foundation whose sole objective
is to change the political power calculus regarding public lands at the local, state, and federal levels.

Our singular focus is to develop the political muscle to aggressively and successfully impact the
electoral process, amplifying the voices of our allies and forcing Republicans and Democrats to listen.

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Today's Political Reality


Our nation’s public lands are under political assault. Those seeking to dig, drill, and build on our natural areas have conned the American public into believing their detrimental activities will result in a cultural and economic renaissance across the rural west. 

The sad reality is that even if Trump, Zinke, and their supporters are successful, the people in the rural west will never realize this promised "Mayberry-like" existence. Worse, when the short-sighted politicians are finished, the integrity of our nation’s public lands will be a distant memory.

The good news is that we can build the political power to stop them! 

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Our Candidates


Brad Little - Idaho governor 

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 Brad is a third-generation Idahoan committed to continuing his family’s long history of public service. Growing up in the small farming community in southwestern Idaho, Little grew up working and playing on the family ranch. His political career began in 2001 when he was appointed to the State Senate. He was reelected four times, where Little became part of the Senate's leadership team. He was appointed Lieutenant Governor in 2009 and was elected in 2010 and reelected in 2014. Little has a strong public lands record, having been one of the key figures passing a state-specific management land plan endorsed by the Idaho Conservation League, timber companies, local governments, hunters, and recreationalists.


Luke Malek - Idaho Congressional District 1

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Luke Malek’s life has been forged by his family’s commitment to service and giving back. His grandfather fought in World War II, he has two brothers in the armed services currently, and both his parents are physicians. Luke is an Idaho native, serving his third term in the Idaho House of Representatives. Luke is an avid outdoorsman and committed to protecting Idaho’s proud outdoor heritage while balancing economic growth in a responsible maner. 



John Curtis - utah congressional district 3

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John Curtis is the popular former Mayor of Provo. Under his tenner, Provo was recognized as one of the top cities to be in the country, being ranked in the top three in the nation for fastest job growth, highest well-being, top city for tech, best run city, among other accolades. Curtis came to Congress via special election to replace Jason Chaffetz in 2017. Running for his first full term in office, Curtis looks to be a pragmatic leader bringing "Utah Values" to Washington, D.C. He looks to find common sense solutions to Utah's public lands issues by listening to constituents, tribes, community leaders, industry partners, and others to preserve natural and cultural treasures while also providing access for economic development and other uses. 


ben mcadams - utah congressional district 4

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Ben McAdams is currently serving his second term as Salt Lake County Mayor. He is a seventh-generation Utahn who learned the values of hard work, honesty, and duty to community growing up as one of eight children to his parents. As mayor, McAdams has a track-record of bridging the political divide and working with both parties to find solutions to the issues facing Salt Lake Country residents. McAdams has a strong history of advocating for clean air, clean water, combating climate change, expanding public transit, and spearheading the effort to create a long-term land use plan to protect the Central Wasatch Mountains. 

McAdams is running against vulnerable GOP Representative Mia Love. Politico labels this one of the "must watch races of 2018."



Ashley Korenblat - Utah State house 70

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Ashley Korenblat is the founder and CEO of Western Sprint Cycling, an outfitter based in Moab and one of the largest holders of recreational permits on Utah’s public lands. She has served as the Managing Director of Public Lands Solutions in Moab, former Chair of the International Mountain Bicycling Association, 2003 inductee in the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame, appointee to the Utah BLM Resource Advisory Council, and the Outdoor Recreation Economic Ecosystem Taskforce. 

Ashley is running for Utah House District 70, encompassing Moab, Castle Dale, and Richfield. If successful, she will replace GOP Representative Carl Albrecht, one of the staunches critics of public lands


Luther Propst - Teton County (Wyoming) Commission

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Luther Propst has dedicated the last 25 years of his life to balancing smart growth in rural and mountain communities around the West with lands protections. Luther founded the Sonoran Institute, a “regional conservation powerhouse” dedicated to help small communities plan for growth and change while maintaining their public lands values. Luther plans to use his experience running conservation organizations and serving on several conservation-minded organizations to ensure Teton County has a sustainable future while maintaining its small mountain town sense of community. 


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OPIpro is not aligned with any political party - our only concern is proper retention and stewardship of our public lands for the benefit of the outdoor economy, community, and future generations. 

This is a monumental task and we need your help. The only way to be successful is if a committed group of outdoor advocates, activists, and industry take a hard, united stance in support of our public lands. Please consider making a donation today!